March 2023

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Opener - Íris Dröfn Guðmundsdóttir (left) and her cousin Anton Ingi Eiríksson release pufflings from the Hamarinn sea cliff on the Icelandic island of Heimaey.

Make Way for Pufflings

Kids and senior citizens alike rally to rescue beloved young seabirds that have lost their bearings

a woman veteran rolling in her wheel chair receives a standing ovation from military veterans

Message Received

Glory goes to the Six Triple Eight, who overcame discrimination from fellow service members and are finally getting the recognition they earned

Wesley Miles

Re-Greening the Desert

With a new state-of-the-art irrigation project, Arizona’s Pima Indians are transforming their land into what it once was: the granary of the Southwest

marine iguana

The Swimming Iguana

This quirky icon of evolution faces a rocky future

Opener - steps

Life Among the Ruins

Thanks to a few horticulturalists with an eye for history, a garden lost to time peeks out from the creeping vines


Breaking Ground

The iconic building on the National Mall will be closed for five years as its interior gets a highly anticipated makeover

Barging Ahead

The waterway opened up the heartland to trade, transforming small hamlets into industrial centers

Along for the Ride

Taken a half-century ago, her images strike a contemporary pose

Monkeying Around

A century ago, a Princeton mathematician created what would become a mainstay of the American playground

The Vienna Agent

When the fascists took power in Austria, Muriel Gardiner helped refugees and others in need, and never stopped

Untangling the Alphabet

A curious new find yields clues to the origins of the alphabet

A Life of Discovery

A look through a historic microscope helps explain what we all owe the Nobel Prize-winning scientist

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